Contains skorch-specific exceptions and warnings.

exception skorch.exceptions.DeviceWarning[source]

A problem with a device (e.g. CUDA) was detected.

exception skorch.exceptions.LowProbabilityError[source]

Error raised when the predictions of an LLM have low probability

exception skorch.exceptions.NotInitializedError[source]

Module is not initialized, please call the .initialize method or train the model by calling .fit(...).

exception skorch.exceptions.SkorchAttributeError[source]

An attribute was set incorrectly on a skorch net.

exception skorch.exceptions.SkorchException[source]

Base skorch exception.

exception skorch.exceptions.SkorchTrainingImpossibleError[source]

The net cannot be used for training

exception skorch.exceptions.SkorchWarning[source]

Base skorch warning.